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4th Wall Entertainment is a multi-platform production company based in Los Angeles, CA. We create a wide range of content from feature films, to branded marketing campaigns. Our company's goal is to tell exciting stories through a combination of unique perspectives and compelling visuals.

What a team...

We are a band of doers. A collective of creatives. And mostly, an aggregate of originality. From concept to completion, our team fully executes a wide array of content in virtually every medium.

Some Facts


Joshua Harris, Executive Producer/Director


November, 2006 Year of the Fire Dog


“Break Through”

What is the “4th Wall”?

It’s a term that describes a performer speaking directly to the audience. Since the wall that separates our performers and the audience is generally a camera lens, we protect the power of that lens and do everything it takes to make sure all is right before we ever shoot one frame. We ARE that 4th Wall…you need us on that wall…Nevermind.

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Let’s make a statement.

We love the creative process. We love to mold ideas. We love to tell stories. We love to execute visions.

About Us

We are a multi-platform production company based in
Los Angeles, Ca. We are a one stop shop from concept to completion, utilizing a wide array of creatives and technical experts to tell visual stories across a multitude of mediums.

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4470 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90027

+1 (310) 684-3877

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